Thursday, September 27, 2012

Win Big

We’re down to forty days before the election.  The polls are starting to show Barack Obama solidifying his lead, and Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight is giving Mitt Romney less than a 20% chance.  We’re getting beyond the point where it’s hard to imagine a way for this election to turn out any other way, even if the debates that start next week are a disaster.

I am hoping that this will be a decisive, wide-margin — more than five points — win for Obama.  I don’t want him just to win, I want him to win big.

That will accomplish two things: 1) it will make the Republicans who claim he somehow stole the election look like the deranged loons that they are, and 2) it will demoralize, shame, and humiliate the pompous, arrogant and snotty bullies at least for one or two days before they rise up once again from their swamp to gridlock Washington and, with any luck, go for impeachment citing the fact that Mr. Obama failed to put his hand over his heart once while the band played the national anthem.  Or something.

I have no doubt that the GOP will try to discredit the election.  As Steve M points out, that’s the background  for all the “unskewed” polling that the righties are saying shows Romney with a lead in the polls when you configure them the way they like.  (I think it involves closing one eye and twisting your head at a certain angle.  Try it; it works.)  The day after the election they will then claim that voters were mislead by the polls, the RINO’s gave up, and of course the media was in the tank for Obama all along.

See, they don’t have to allege actual funny business in the voting to say that Obama should have lost. They can also say that Obama would have lost if the media hadn’t been in the tank for him. Then they don’t have to scour the nation for allegedly dead voters and allegedly dubious vote totals. And the margin of victory doesn’t matter — Obama could win by 8 or 9 points and keep Romney to under 200 electoral votes and they can still say the results aren’t legit, because the public was brainwashed.

Which brings me to my second point.  The right wing needs to be seriously beaten, humiliated, shamed, chastised, denigrated, and bumfuzzled.  And it has to be done with a determination and resolution that will leave no doubt as to who did it to them.  None of this humble-in-victory crap; I want the winners to dance in the street and make the losers — especially Karl Rove and that little snot Ralph Reed — cry for their mamas.

I know it will not change their behavior one bit.  Newt Gingrich will not go away as long as there is a book to be shilled and a wife to prop him up.  The Republicans in Congress will dig in their heels and refuse to pass anything other than gas.  In fact, if the Republicans have any hold on power, they will cling to it down to the last talon.  But in doing so, they will only make themselves look that much more fringe-bound and marginalized, and at some point they will be so far into the woods that it will take a generation for them to come back from purgatory.  Bullies and grifters deserve nothing less, and I want them to feel the humiliation and scorn with every fiber of their soulless beings.

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  1. I echo the sentiments of the writer above. I just feel kind of ashamed of myself for feeling that way. What a waste of resources those people are. I would write more, but the cat is laying on my left are and he weighs like an anvil.

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