Monday, October 22, 2012

Debate Thread

Third verse, same as the second… or something like that.  I’ll be watching and following a couple of live-blog threads, and after it’s all over I’ll come back for an first impression reaction and then sleep on it.

But don’t let me stop you… if you have a thought or a prognostication to share, please do.

By the way, there was a mishap here in South Florida yesterday involving a blimp hired to promote the Romney campaign.  It did not end well.

A blimp-like aircraft emblazoned with an “America Needs Romney” message made an emergency landing near a Davie park this evening, much to the joy of many voters in Broward County, one of the most-liberal places in Florida.

There were no injuries, Davie police said. Except, perhaps, for Republican pride.

Cue Photoshop:

“Oh, the inanity!”

HT to Betty Cracker.

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  1. I am listening to Romney and Obama and Mitt is so rude and condescending. Please let Obama win, not just the debate, but the election.

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