Monday, November 26, 2012

Outside Agitators

The latest argument that Darwin was right.

Derrick Belcher, a libertarian in Alabama, is so furious that the government shut down his topless car wash business that he’s organized a petition for Alabama to secede from the union. There’s just one catch: the government that shut him down is the state of Alabama.

Okay, who wants to hit that one out of the park?

HT to LGM.

9 barks and woofs on “Outside Agitators

  1. I wrote a poem in 2004 you might enjoy – If being a liberal means that:
    you love liberty and freedom
    instead of “Patriot Acts” and trampled rights.

    you care for people
    instead of corporations

    you support education, teachers and free public schools
    instead of religious indoctrination and acts that
    leave many children behind

    you care for children and their well-being
    instead of corporate CEO’s and their fancy lifestyle.

    Fine, then call me a liberal!

    If being a liberal means that:

    you believe in religious freedom
    instead of “everybody think alike” doctrines

    you believe women are equal and should be treated (and paid) as such
    instead of being “subordinate” barefoot and pregnant

    you believe in supporting our troops
    instead of the lies that put them in harm’s way

    Fine, then I’ll take the name liberal and be proud of it!

    If being a liberal means that:

    you don’t believe that oil should be purchased with blood
    or that greedy corporations should get rich from war

    you want to preserve and defend our environment
    instead of raping the land so nothing will remain for our future.

    you believe that some forests should be saved for the animals that inhabit them
    instead of destroyed for big business profit.

    you believe in clean air
    instead of pollution and acid rain from factory smokestacks

    Then, I’ll be a liberal!

    If being a liberal means that:

    you believe in families no matter of whom they are composed
    instead of divisive (so called) defense of marriage legislation.

    you know that some folks are different from others

    not through choice but because they were made that way

    you know that God made Adam and Eve
    as well as Adam and Steve and Ellen and Eve


    you believe that everyone has a right to live a life free from harassment and hate
    instead of living with humiliation and fear

    If being a liberal means all that- then I am a liberal, an American liberal, and proud of it!

    Jay Cole Simser

  2. Let’s just go ahead and give them Alabama, Mississippi, and the northern half of Florida, and all these idiots can have their own country. We’ll pay to relocate the residents with functioning brains to the remaining states. And of course the secessionists lose all the federal benefits they would otherwise receive, like defense, Social Security, and Medicare.

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