Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. Got invited to a friends along with the people I usually have over, reliving me of the chore, so I get an actual four day weekend, instead of spending one and a half of it in frenzied prep and later clean up.

  2. Taking some time off work and trying to shake a case of the stomach flu, at least for today, then eating pizza on Thursday with some relatives in Fort Lauderdale. Avoiding travel like the plague.


  3. Going to cook for one of my daughters, (the other one lives out of town, and has to work. That makes me sad.) and then we are thinking of going to see the new movie about Lincoln. I am looking forward to a good day.

  4. I am cooking for myself, my three kids, my husband, and possibly my father-in-law. Two of the kids are 4-yr-old twins, so they won’t eat much, if anything. We still have a twelve-pound turkey, however, and lots of side dishes planned.

  5. I am having a roasted turkey done at the local HEB and will pick it up Wed. am. I am making slaw in honor of my youngest daughter, her favorite. Russ is making mashed potatos and mac and cheese and we will have pumpkin pie. After that, a siesta in the late afternoon.

  6. We’re missing a family dinner at the home of our newly wedded grandson in Vermont because of unscheduled back “issues” torturing Himself. As a result there will be just the two of us. I’ve bought a duck to roast and will add some side dishes as I think of them – maybe roasted sweet potatoes and definitely dressing with chestnuts. The discovery of peeled chestnuts in a jar has thrilled this passionate cook who hates the holiday chore of soaking and getting blue fingers from chestnut-prep more than any – even washing the turkey roaster after the meal is eaten.

    Fresh Market also sells an iced pumpkin roll. Doesn’t that sound good? Onward and upward and to market tomorrow we go . . .

  7. I don’t actually celebrate this holiday, as I do a personal version earlier in the year. My grown son and his bride to be will be off to her family in Portland. The husband and I will take advantage of their absence to enjoy something the picky kid won’t eat: home-made French Onion Soup.

    The books and wine, maybe…

  8. Two of three children flying home late Wed eve (fingers crossed) for a very traditional Thanksgiving. Avoiding malls will be the primary objective.

  9. Dinner with the sisters and parents at “Dreamers” a restaurant in Grantsburg, WI. Then it’s off to overthrow western civilization as we know it. Either that or back home to watch football. I haven’t decided which yet.

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