Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Question of the Day

‘Tis the season, and I’ve been seeing holiday decorations up since before the election.  So that begs the question:

Holiday decorating: full tilt, minimal, or nothing at all?

I have some music boxes that have been in my family for years, plus a few little seasonal trinkets and tchotchkes that come out when I remember to put them out.  Oh, and I have an artificial wreath to hang on the door.  That’s it.

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  1. Tree this year – first time in ages. Still deciding between an actual tree vs. artificial.

    Whole hog can wait for next year.

  2. I have a little tree, and will decorate with stuff I have had for ages, they all hold memories. We have Christmas stockings that Grandma made long ago, and they must be hung.

  3. As MB will attest, we go whole hog. but on the interior. Musical instruments and real greens decorate my Grandmother’s mirror in the foyer. The tree is artificial, but the decorations are all miniature toys. The Dickens village sits on a landscaped platform that extends over the grand piano to the far book shelves. More greens and lights top the mantle and string of lights swag over both patios. Our halls are definitely decked.

  4. We will put up our fake tree some time before Christmas. We have other decorations that we usually put out in the living room by now, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

    Our daughter and her husband (they just got married a month ago) have their tree up and their dogs have already destroyed two ornaments.

  5. We are pretty much full tilt indoors, very little outside usually. I’d like to change that, but never seem to get the wherewithal.

    Outdoors on the porch up here in the Pac Nor’west this year I am going to put up luminarias….but only for the week between “Little Yule” (Dec 13) and the Big One.

  6. Festivus pole and lights. Anything else that I find that I can set out that is not too much work. Love having a tiny pre-decorated tree that goes back in the box as easily as it is removed. Also have wreathes of unique construction that I like putting out.

  7. As I live in the country, I gather my own greenery (boxwood, white pine, hemlock, spruce, holly, etc) for wreaths and swags and have a real tree in the living room. Once upon a time I did some stuff in the yard but my knees and years are slowing me down so it will likely only be indoor decorating. I love, love, love the smell of fresh greenery!

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