Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Question of the Day

The Powerball lottery prize is approaching a half a billion.

Do you buy lottery tickets?

Me: No.  It’s not that I have some moral stand against gambling; I just know that the odds are better that I’ll win the Nobel Prize for literature than win anything, especially when you have people lining up around the block to buy a ticket.  So if I’m going to give money to the government, I’ll just pay my taxes.  (It always seems ironic to me that some anti-tax people will carry on like a banshee about an additional one percent on their income taxes but will crawl five miles over broken glass to buy a lottery ticket.)

7 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. I’ll toss a dollar in the kitty when the jackpot gets up there. I know my odds of winning are less than getting struck by lightning, but I figure a buck once in a blue moon is worth the risk of a lightning strike or two…

  2. Sure, I buy a few every now and then. Would be fun to have the winnings, so a couple of days of “what if” every now and then are fun. Someone’s got to win, right?

  3. Yes, indeed. I bought my tickets yesterday. I buy $4 every day unless I hit from the day before; which happened yesterday. I won $10 on the Cash 5 game here in Tx. Mon., so I ran my Megamillions card and the Powerball, together it was $10. how cool was that?

  4. I think I’d probably misplace my ticket – should I buy one – and be one of those losers who keep the pot going into next year after my number is called. Think that might happen?

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