Saturday, December 1, 2012

It’s War!

So the “War On Christmas” is in full cry from the whiny and oh-so-oppressed folks who think that acknowledging any other faith in America is DESTROYING THEIR RELIGION!!!!1!!!

If you want to holler MERRY CHRISTMAS, go right ahead, but don’t expect everyone else to follow along, including a lot of other Christians who think pushing their religion on others is arrogant and sanctimonious.  Don’t tell me that saying “Happy Holidays,” “Happy Hanukkah,” or “Cool Yule” is taking away your faith. The only one who can take away your faith is you.


4 barks and woofs on “It’s War!

  1. We should take any cheerful holiday greeting in the spirit in which it is intended. I’m disturbed by the vindictiveness with which I’ve heard a few folks (such as my brother) utter “Merry Christmas!”

  2. One of Stella’s professional association members was at a board meeting when an agenda item came up titled “Holiday Party.” As Stella reported the incident, the woman’s face turned red and she went into a regular Bill O’Reilly rant: “I DON’T ATTEND HOLIDAY PARTIES. If it were a CHRISTMAS party, I might care when it was scheduled.”

    Stella has a license as a particular kind of head-shrinker. Not surprisingly, perhaps one-third of such shrinks are Jewish. Hindus and Muslims are not unheard of, and I believe there’s a Unitarian among them. Quakers? probably. The woman’s remark was not only as rude as possible, it was also out of place in context. Stella quietly folded her briefcase and left, and she will not be attending the holiday party.

    I’ve taken some grief over the years as a UU, and have finally opted out: If an event is overtly Christian… I don’t attend. If that’s bad for my career… um… what career is that? I don’t seem to have one anyway!

  3. I’ve always said “merry Christmas” and I intend to continue doing so. The exception is when I wish a Jewish friend Happy Hannukkah. In fact, my Hindu and Sikh friends and acquaintances typically wish a “merry Christmas” and take no offence when the wish is offered to them.

    Do you suppose this pack of so-called Christians know that holiday is holy day? I always wonder that. 🙂

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