Monday, December 3, 2012

Question of the Day

Another good one suggestion by Reader Julie:

What was the most meaningful compliment you’ve received?

For me, perhaps this.

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  1. It was back in the late 60′s. I had just served a term of barrick restriction. My first Sargent, who I had an ongoing battle with, said, Pvt Chainsaw you are without a doubt the worlds worst Marine. However I am sure you will be good for something. He was right in both accounts.

  2. Don’t know if it’s an all-time favorite, but last night at a Christmas party a young man told me he chose his college and major based on advice I gave to his junior class in a “career day” speech several years back. Today he has a great job working at Nordstrom, loves his work, and is eyeing starting his own business — all because he followed his passion. He credited me with this, which left me speechless.

  3. Our new library has a bookstore in it for selling donated books and library discards. One of the volunteers was a Mayo doctor whose hobby is buying and selling first editions and antique books. He’s very knowledgeable, but not so much about the books’ contents. Being an avid reader and English lit major, I filled in some gaps for him. On my last day of volunteering, he said he had learned a lot from me! Wow!

    Maybe, instead of being a nurse, I should have been an English lit professor…

  4. Before I came to Tx., I held many jobs in the plant that I worked. One assignment was Foundry Technologist, and I had complete production control of the dept. One assignment was to write down in step be step form how to produce each part. After approximately 4 weeks I had compiled a book of over 1200 pages. There was a little party once the job was finished and I was recognized as the author. I now know that is called process engineering and surprisingly the last job title I held was Process Engineer. My studies in Mexico saved the plant over half a million a year and once again before I was terminated, we had a second party recognizing my efforts. A pat on the back and a kick in the pants so to speak!

  5. I took on a second job to help my youngest through college. The day she graduated she told me how much she appreciated me. It made it all worthwhile.

  6. So how about the opposite of a compliment…or is that the next Q O D? Minneapolis’s Guthrie Theatre, fifty years ago. I (a mere prop person) make tea in the green room. Whereupon Jessica Tandy and Tanya Moyseivitch rise, tinkle their cups with their spoons and say in unison: “Kenneth, you must never attempt to make tea again.” I dare all of you to beat that for mortification!

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