Wednesday, May 22, 2013

12 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. We would go back to Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. We were there in 2008; what a spectacular, beautiful place.

  2. A WEEKEND,People. That doesn’t allow for much more than checking in, getting dinner and/or a show or standing on the balcony looking out at the harbor. A long, exhausting day doing whatever, more food and wine and a plane home.

    Now if the bills to spark up the wardrobe are also included in the “all expenses paid” I can see a long weekend in Manhattan, a day at Bergdorf, a stop at Belgian Shoes, maybe late afternoon tea at the Plaza. Later a massage and facial in our room, then 8:00 wine and dinner at Per Se. At midnight a ride in the elevator to our suite on the umpteenth floor of the St. Regis. A stroll through the Met the next day, lunch at 21 . . . Ah, if only.

  3. Weekend? All expenses paid. Hmm. I have to go with NYC, too. I’d try to cram in as much theater, music, ballet, and museums as I could between dining on several fabulous meals. Posh hotel sounds great, too.

      • Well, JM, maybe we could negotiate for the two weeks instead of a weekend if we cut back on the meals, tickets and clothes. Say a cheap room on the Left Bank and street food. Or even Oaxaca.

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