Thursday, May 30, 2013

Short Takes

U.S. General: “Not feasible” to destroy the Taliban.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg got a threatening letter laced with poison.

Seven killed when trailer strikes minivan in upstate New York.

President Obama to nominate James Comey to head FBI.

R.I. Gov. Chafee, once GOP, to join Democrats.

The Tigers lost again to the Pirates 5-3

One bark on “Short Takes

  1. FYI. Bloomberg’s ricin-riddled correspondence has been traced back to Shreveport, LA (that haven of peacable liberalism) – and the note accompanying the toxin apparently mentioned something about Big Gubmint never getting the sender’s gun(s).

    But Al Gore is fat, and the IRS asked the Teahadists questions about why their organisations should be tax-exempt, so BSDI.

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