Saturday, November 2, 2013

What A Surprise

Charlie Crist is officially running for governor of Florida.

The worst-kept secret in politics was confirmed Friday afternoon when the Republican Party of Florida spotted Crist’s official filing with the state Division of Elections.

The former Republican governor-turned Democrat plans a formal announcement at 10 a.m. Monday at St. Petersburg’s Albert Whitted Park, 480 Bayshore Dr. SE, but the state GOP beat him to the punch.

“Gov. Crist looks forward to discussing his priorities for moving Florida forward on Monday morning,” said Steve Schale, a spokesman for Crist who led President Barack Obama’s successful 2008 Florida campaign.

Republicans managed to diminish whatever drama Crist hoped to preside over in his hometown Monday, but it was hardly a secret that Crist was preparing to run against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Crist has been courting top Democratic fundraisers from across the state and country in recent months, has launched a new website, and lately is often accompanied by top Democratic strategist Schale. The sleuths at the Florida Republican Party this week also found a “CHARLIE CRIST FOR GOVERNOR — 2014” logo online.

Excuse me if this doesn’t get me all twitterpated, but I can’t help but think that the only reason Mr. Crist wants his old job back is for his ego.  His dropping out of the governor’s race to run for Senate against Marco Rubio was all about him, as was his switch to the Democrats.  He thinks the people of Florida can’t get enough of him.

I suppose he thinks that the Democrats should be grateful to have someone on their card who has proven he can actually win a state-wide election, but it’s going to take an awful lot of sincerity to get a lot of hard-core Democrats to buy his act, not to mention the independents who felt they got dumped by Mr. Crist after his run for the Senate fell through and he now wants to go to the prom with someone else.

Granted, he’d be a better governor than Rick Scott, but then again, so would Teddy the Wonder Lizard (although I’m not quite sure Rick Scott isn’t Teddy the Wonder Lizard).