Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Odd Crop

I don’t normally post about every far-right whacko bird that runs for office; if I did, this blog would be nothing but that, and then when could I post pictures of Snowball or the Pontiac?  But this fellow caught my attention.

Greg Brannon is running for the Senate in North Carolina, and will probably give incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan a run for her money.  In fact, he’s a point ahead.  So let’s meet him.

Well, for one thing, he thinks food stamps amount to slavery.  That is apparently in keeping with his interpretation of the rest of our laws.

Brannon supports the Full Gospel version of “constitutional conservatism.” He adopts the standard incorporation of God, natural law, and absolute private property rights into the Constitution via the Declaration of Independence. He says “I will always vote for any and all legislation that would end abortion or lead us in the direction of ending abortion.” In other words, much like [Georgia senate candidate] Paul Broun, he’s promoting a sort of permanent dictatorship wherein most of the laws and policies Americans have debated and enacted since the 1930s would be taken off the table as a violation of the Divine Will and the Perfect Constitution.

So his comparison of food stamps to slavery may not be altogether a bad thing; after all, the bible is supportive of slavery.

The fact that he’s running for office doesn’t bother me.  The fact that there are people who vote for him does.