Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Say “Cheese”

Via TPM, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) does not want you to know that he was once busted for drugs.

The Texas conservative’s underdog Senate campaign on Monday published a defiant statement, claiming that Stockman has “grounds to file criminal complaints” against any person or media organization that published his 1977 arrest record and mugshot.

Steve Stockman Mugshot 03-04-14


Stockman’s mugshot has been bouncing around the internet for weeks. The Texas Tribune last month published the arrest records, which indicate that in 1977 Stockman was arrested and initially charged with felony possession of Valium. The Stockman campaign now says that a district court judge in Michigan ordered in 1978 the matter dismissed and expunged.

I have a good lawyer.

Photo Credit: Mugshot via Texas Tribune.

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    • I’m thinking that NOT taking Valium is the reason he’s now with the Teahad. I’d recommend renewing that prescription – with careful monitoring by his MD.

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