Monday, May 5, 2014

Dragging Him Out

Via TPM:

A Republican state senate candidate who supported North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage once worked as a female impersonator at a gay nightclub, the Winston-Salem Journal reported Saturday.

Real estate agent Steve Wiles, 34, went by “Mona Sinclair” when he worked at the now-closed Club Odyssey in the early 2000s, according to the club’s co-owner and another former employee. Wiles’ former co-workers claim he was gay at the time and was a frequent visitor at the nightclub before he began working there.

Wiles denied that he worked as Mona Sinclair in interviews with the Winston-Salem Journal, and responded “no” when the newspaper asked whether he was gay.

But Wiles also appears as Mona Sinclair in a cached version of the Miss Gay America website. The cached webpage said that Wiles was suspended from the organization for “conduct unbecoming to a promoter of the Miss Gay America pageant system.”

Wiles campaigned for North Carolina’s constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in 2012, according to the Winston Salem-Journal.

Doing drag is a noble art form; it takes a lot of skill to make it work, and there’s no shame in it, so he shouldn’t be scorned for it.

As far as whether or not he’s gay, that shouldn’t matter in the abstract, but if he is and he’s campaigned against marriage equality, then he’s a flaming hypocrite and deserves to be shunned.

Oh, by the way… “Mona Sinclair” is a terribly unoriginal drag name.  What’s wrong with something like Helena Handbasket or Hedda Lettuce?  I need to have my friend Sybil Bruncheon coach him on the finer points of dragdom.

Sybil Bruncheon 05-04-14

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  1. S/he looks like Anorexia Fayles (and yea I do know a drag performer who uses that name).

    • I’ve known Sybil since Grade 3. To quote the immortal Ken Talley (“Fifth of July”): “Anything’s possible with a little taste and charm.”

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