Monday, June 23, 2014

Thanks For The Memories, Dick

Former Vice President Dick Cheney showed up on Sunday chat shows yesterday and allowed as how he meant no disrespect when he called President Obama a traitor.  And when he was called out for being wrong on Iraq over and over again, he dismissed it as dredging up the past.

What a fucking monster.

But in a way I’m glad to see that he’s reared his shiny head.  It gives us all a chance to look at him in the fresh light of day even if it makes our skin crawl.  As Tina Dupuy notes, it reminds us of what an unmitigated disaster the Bush/Cheney administration was and who it was that lied us into a war that killed over 4,000 American soldiers and untold numbers of Iraqi civilians, destabilized the entire region, and gave us the set-up for the current clusterfuck that is going on now.

So now that we’re remembering what a shitheel he was then and seeing him again live (allegedly) on TV, we can tell him with a fresh voice to get the hell out.

Cheney in Iraq 06-23-14HT to Balloon Juice.  Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson.

One bark on “Thanks For The Memories, Dick

  1. It’s difficult to believe (actually it’s always been difficult to believe, but especially now) that the Reichwing had any outcome in mind besides “[destabilization of] the entire region.” A fractured Middle East provides an opportunity to impose US-led hegemony and simultaneously provide massive income boosts to the traditional Reichwing economic sectors (public-sector contracting, defense/munitions, and energy) while silencing critics in the name of Patriotism™, Growth™ and the existential nature of the GWoT. The only outfits to come out ahead in the Iraq fiasco have been the Halliburtons, Lockheeds, ExxonMobils and Blackwaters: the ones dependent on public-sector contracts, international adventurism and energy resources too often in places where the first two conditions are required to secure them. Unrest in the Middle East enables both a new Monroe Doctrine in that region and suppression of dissent at home: between the neocons dreams of empire, the related industries’ expectations of profit and the corporate-welfare recipients’ guarantees of continued existence, it’s the perfect media to grow the Conservatist experiment.

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