Thursday, July 31, 2014

Learn From The Best

The Democrats are raising a ton of money on the impeachment threat (I’m still getting e-mails from them), and the Republicans are crying foul.

As Steve M notes, their only grounds for complaint is that the DCCC stole the idea from them.

Excerpts from a National Republican Senatorial Committee fundraising letter sent in May 2006:

It’s becoming clear that if the liberal Democrat leadership takes control of Congress, they will embark on a destructive agenda of politically motivated “investigations” of President Bush and his administration….

And it’s even likely that Democrats – should they take over the House and Senate – will try to impeach President Bush….

Just a few weeks ago on a national news program, Senator Durbin of Illinois, the second most powerful Democrat leader in the Senate, refused to rule out the eventual impeachment of President Bush.

It worked.  Patrick Ruffini, the head of e-mail campaigning for the RNC at the time, says it brought in two times the amount of cash than previous e-mail blasts.

One bark on “Learn From The Best

  1. a destructive agenda of politically motivated “investigations”

    It’s not that the GOTea is upset that the Dems are making hay over the to-impeach-or-not-to-impeach word salad. It’s the projection: assaulting the Clinton Presidency for anything they could dream up was fine, but holding Shrub’s roots to the fire over his pResidential missteps was [naturally] obscene – and now TABMITWH it’s completely acceptable again, except when Dems point and laugh about how it’s a repeat of 1998 with even less reason. This time around the GOTea doesn’t even have a blue dress that didn’t get sent to the cleaners as evidence.

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