Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finally Florida

The long-awaited federal court ruling on Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage has been handed down.  We won.

A federal judge in Florida has ruled the state’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, according to the Associated Press.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle is the latest of several-dozen rulings for same-sex marriage by federal courts across the country since the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling advancing gay rights in 2013. On the federal level, gay marriage has since enjoyed an undefeated streak.

Hinkle put a hold on his ruling, meaning gay couples in Florida will not be able to receive marriage licenses just yet.

The ruling puts Republican Gov. Rick Scott in a predicament as he runs for reelection. As gay marriage becomes more popular in the state he has obscured his position on the issue and dodged questions by reporters. His administration has a say in whether to appeal the decision and defend the state’s ban.

Read the whole ruling here.

Judge Hinkle wrote:

Liberty, tolerance, and respect are not zero-sum concepts. Those who enter opposite-sex marriages are harmed not at all when others, including these plaintiffs, are given the liberty to choose their own life partners and are shown the respect that comes with formal marriage.

It’s now up to the Supreme Court.  It’s hard to imagine that they will turn away from the twenty-plus rulings that have come down on the side of marriage equality.  Stay tuned, and stay hopeful.

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  1. I predict that by this time next year the US Supreme Court will have affirmed all of these rulings and struck down every same-sex marriage ban in the country.

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