Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Dress For Success

In what can only be described as a bizarre attempt on the part of a white patriarch mindset to come up with a clever way to appeal to women voters, Rick Scott’s campaign for re-election as governor of Florida has released an ad that is a take-off of a reality show called Say Yes to the Dress that fails on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start.

Capsule version: a bunch of women are all gathered together in a bridal shop helping a friend pick out her dress.  She wants to go with one called “The Rick Scott” which is “perfect!”  “”Rick Scott is becoming a trusted brand. He has new ideas that don’t break your budget.”  The bride’s mother disagrees; she wants to go with another presumably less attractive dress, “The Charlie Crist.”  Mom says, “It’s expensive and a little outdated, but I know best!”  In the end, of course, the bride overrules the mom.  Oh happy day.

The presumption is that all women are silly over wedding dresses, that voting for governor is the same as buying a dress, and that women can be persuaded that the only way to be happy in this world is by choosing the right dress made by the right man.  Even in the world of metaphors this doesn’t get off the ground.

This also goes to the issue of what Republican men think of women: first they insult them, then they patronize them.  At the risk of another metaphor, no wonder the women are leaving the GOP at the altar.

5 barks and woofs on “No Dress For Success

  1. It’s running in Pennsylvania, pushing Gov. Corbett over Tom Wolf. Words fail me – how can college students be so dumb?

  2. I think that some of these men who run campaigns are so utterly stupid and lack common sense. Of course, they hire other utterly stupid men who are not old enough and lack experience to know the ins and outs of messaging. OINK OINK OINK to all of them.

  3. Ad is so stupid that it’s actually Funny, as it symbolizes all that’s Republican in their War on Women. But don’t tell them to stop. We want Them out, right? VOTE EM OUT OUT OUT

    This ad attempts to reduce all us Moms , working women, college women, high school women, et al …bringing all our powerful ambitions down to getting married, and the ubiquitous wedding gown, for heaven’s sake. sheesh, and They WANT TO RUN THE COUNTRYYYYY?


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