Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wagon Train

First in a series…

1954 Pontiac station wagon

This is a 1954 Pontiac station wagon.  Our family had one and it’s the first family car I really remember riding in with my mom.  Ours was a light green with dark green trim where the wood is on this model.  We had it when we lived in St. Louis in the mid-1950’s and took it to Toledo where we traded it in for a brand new 1958 Ford Country Sedan.

I can still remember what the dashboard looked like.  It had a big round radio speaker and I pretended it was my steering wheel.  It had a standard column shift — automatic transmission was an expensive option in 1954 — and a big wayback for our dog Tupper.

Pontiacs were big in my dad’s family: my grandparents each had one, as did my uncle.  His was the same year as ours, but it was bright red; my aunt called it “the tomato.”  It’s probably one of the reasons I didn’t hesitate when I got my Pontiac thirty-five years later.

One bark on “Wagon Train

  1. Where’s the wood?

    Went lookin’ for a picture a ’55 Ford stick shift which is what I learned on and found this.

    Check out Pop’s car in the background before the wood was stolen.

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