Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spare Me

Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post is trying to make us feel sorry that Trump is sitting around the White House all alone in his bathrobe watching TV.

The simple fact is that Trump has never had real friends in the sense you or I think of the term. The relationship world of Trump has long been split into two groups: (1) his family and (2) people who work for him. And people who work for you are rarely your actual friends.

What is also true is that Trump is, in an odd sort of way, a reclusive family man. He is someone who likes routine and likes to be around his family. Hell, he built a hotel that he both works and lives in! Even during the campaign, Trump flew on his own plane surrounded by his kids — a protective, comfortable bubble amid the back and forth of the race.

That family bubble has been disrupted by Trump’s election. His wife, Melania, and youngest son, Barron, live in New York during the week. His sons Eric and Don Jr. are tasked with running the family business in New York and, theoretically, not allowed to confer with their dad on matters that relate to the affairs of Trump Inc. His daughter, Ivanka, is busy establishing herself in D.C.

Without the comfort of Trump Tower and robbed of the proximity of his family, Trump is a man apart. He has cable TV, his phone and Twitter. But he lacks a group of friends or confidants — again, outside his immediate family — with whom he can have dinner or just chat. He is isolated — and in the most high-powered and high-stress job in the world. That’s a very tough place to be.

Oh, please, set it to music.  He doesn’t need friends — or in his case, boot-lickers and toadies.  He needs to learn his new job and not be making it up as he goes along.  Being president, as Harry Truman noted, is the loneliest job on the planet and if Trump was capable of looking outside his own little bubble of his fat flabby ego, he’d realize that.  And so would anyone who objectively observes reality, unlike Chris Cillizza who seems to think it will all get better if we just give Trump a big hug.

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  1. Joe Scarborough claims to be a good friend of Donald’s and maintains he’s a really nice fellow when he’s not on stage. That explains why one of the two early morning tv shows Trump watches is Morning Joe. It doesn’t seem to have had any affect on his behavior, however, no matter how much Joe scolds – gently. Trump doesn’t need friends. He has himself and his tweeting thumbs.

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