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Thank You, Tigers

DetroitTigersWell, it was not to be.  After a season where they led the division all the way from April to August, then fought their way back to win their fourth American League Central Division title in a row, the Tigers got swept by the Baltimore Orioles in the ALDS at Comerica on a cold but noisy night.  No one can say they didn’t try their best, and I’m pretty sure there will be some post-season honors for a couple of the guys.

On a personal note, it was fun to see them occasionally on TV down here in Miami, but even better when I spent the week with my parents and their MLB Season Pass.  Every day that they played we planned our day around the game.  Go to the store?  Be back in time for the first pitch.  Go out to dinner?  Get back in time to see the game.  There were thrills and frustrations, shouts of joy and outburst of “WTF!?”  But that’s baseball.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a boring game, especially when you have a team that can beat the snot out of the best teams one day and lose a laugher to the worst.

So have a good winter, guys, and come back stronger.  Spring training starts in four months, and the voice of the turtle will be heard in the land.

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Short Takes

The leader of Hong Kong refused to resign in the face of the Umbrella movement.

ISIS is pressing their attack on border towns in Syria and Iraq.

None of the 100 people who came in contact with the Ebola patient in Texas are showing symptoms.

Oil prices are dropping; crude is under $90 a barrel.

JP Morgan hacked; over 76 million households affected.

The Tigers got walloped 12-3 by the Orioles in Game 1 of the ALDS.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Short Takes

Secret Service chief Julia Pierson resigns over security lapses.

Beijing warns Hong Kong of “chaos” from protests.

Questions arise over initial response to Ebola patient in Texas.

Guilty verdict in trial of Florida man in shooting of an unarmed man over loud music.

New Moon — Image forces change in theory of the moon’s formation.

The Tigers take on Baltimore in the opening game of the ALDS tonight.

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Short Takes

Three European nations offer limited support in fight against ISIS.

Fire at an F.A.A. facility near Chicago grounded planes across the Midwest on Friday.

Federal court won’t take up Wisconsin voter I.D. law.

Earthquake swarm rattles Mammoth Lakes area in California.

Police behavior in Ferguson gets attention from the D.O.J.

Chelsea Clinton has a girl, Charlotte.

The Tigers got hammered 11-4 by the Twins, dragging out the clinching.

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Short Takes

Twenty-six NATO foreign ministers pledged to combat ISIS.

Secretary of State Kerry says U.S. is open to talking with Iran about ISIS.

GM will pay compensation for 19 deaths caused by faulty ignitions.

President Obama presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to two Vietnam veterans.

August 2014 was the warmest August since they started keeping records.

Tropical Update: TS Odile is battering Baja California.

The Tigers beat the Twins 8-6.