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Short Takes

Death toll up to 59 in the Las Vegas massacre.

Congress looking to roll back gun laws.

Catalans not seeking “traumatic split.”

Body clock scientists win Nobel Prize.

R.I.P. Tom Petty, 66, rock music iconoclast.

GM plans to ditch internal combustion engine at some point in the future.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Short Takes

Catalonia says they voted for independence; Madrid disagrees, and violence ensued.

Trump undermines Secretary of State on North Korea talks via tweet.

Sec. Mnuchin says FEMA doing “terrific job” in Puerto Rico (because “heckava” was already taken).

NFL players continue to take a knee.

Germans celebrate first legal gay marriage.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Short Takes

Half of Puerto Rico still without fresh water.

Japan parliament dissolved ahead of snap election.

Trump/GOP tax plan is revealed except how to pay for it.

Russia, U.S. discuss lunar base.

R.I.P. Hugh Hefner, 91, creator of Playboy.  (Oddly enough, I never understood the attraction, but hey…)

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Puerto Rico has been basically returned to the 18th century by Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria delivered a destructive full-body blow to this U.S. territory on Wednesday, ripping off metal roofs, generating terrifying and potentially lethal flash floods, knocking out 100 percent of the island’s electrical grid and decimating some communities.

With sustained winds of 155 mph at landfall — a strong Category 4 storm and nearly a Category 5 — Maria was so powerful that it disabled radar, weather stations and cell towers across Puerto Rico, leaving an information vacuum in which officials could only speculate about property damage, injuries or deaths.

“Definitely Puerto Rico — when we can get outside — we will find our island destroyed,” Abner Gómez, director of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency, said in a midday news conference here. “The information we have received is not encouraging. It’s a system that has destroyed everything it has had in its path.”

The island was already suffering under financial difficulty, and now this.  The worst part is that no one here — or there — knows the extent of the damage because there’s no way to communicate with anyone other than via battery-operated satellite phones.

Add to that, Puerto Rico has been treated as a stepchild by Congress, and so far the Trump administration has barely acknowledged its existence as a U.S. territory.

Right now might not be the time to bring this up, but in the future this destruction and its recovery should be a factor in determining the statehood question — which I strongly favor — if only because the residents will be able to vote for president and that might be the shiny object that garners attention from politicians in Washington.

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