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Diva Dish

Somebody’s thinking mighty highly of himself:

Brian Bedford - Lady BracknellSen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took a shot at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) during an interview published Friday by The Weekly Standard, saying the younger lawmaker is “not quite ready” to be President.

Graham did, however, offer an alternative: himself.

Graham told the magazine he began questioning Rubio’s ability as a candidate after working with him on a Senate immigration bill.

“He’s a good guy, but after doing immigration with him — we don’t need another young guy not quite ready,” Graham said. “He’s no [President Barack] Obama by any means, but he’s so afraid of the right, and I’ve let that go.”

Don’t you just hate it when these tired old queens get all prissy and catty?  It’s so tacky.

HT to Luke Yankee for the title.

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