Sunday, November 23, 2003

Ain’t Skeered? You Will Be.

Corrente beat me to the punch-line on Maureen Dowd’s column. MoDo boils it down to this:

James Goodby and Kenneth Weisbrode wrote in The Financial Times last week that the Bush crew has snuffed the optimism of F.D.R., Ronald Reagan and Bush père: “Fear has been used as a basis for curtailing freedom of expression and for questioning legal rights long taken for granted. It has crept into political discourse and been used to discredit patriotic public servants. Ronald Reagan’s favorite image, borrowed from an earlier visionary, of America as `a shining city on a hill’ has been unnecessarily dimmed by another image: a nation motivated by fear and ready to lash out at any country it defines as the source of a gathering threat.”

Instead of a shining city, we have a dark bunker.

But the only thing we really have to fear is fearmongering itself.

And, by the way, that’s the basic tool dictators use to seize power: “I’m the only one who can save our country from the onslaught of the (fill in scapegoat of choice here).”