Saturday, November 8, 2003

And We’re Off

Okay, now that I’ve got this thing figured out (or will as I go), let’s get some basics out of the way:

1. George W. Bush may not be an idiot, but he plays one on TV.

2. Howard Dean may not be the slam-dunk winner of the Democratic nomination, and he may have a rough time against Bush in the general election, but by God, he sure gets me fired up – I haven’t felt this pepped up about a Democratic candidate since Bobby Kennedy. (I have a personal connection with Gov. Dean that I will share in a later post. I promise.)

3. Karl Rove is the most dangerous man in America, even before John Ashcroft and Antonin Scalia. Why? Because the only person he’s responsible to is the man who owes his political life to him, and therefore is powerless to control him.

4. People who call AM radio talk shows and get on the air should automatically lose their right to vote. (So should people who watch “pro wrestling,” but let’s not go there.)

5. I’ve always wondered why right-wingers who scream about “big guvamint” getting involved in every little aspect of their lives have such an obsession with other people’s morals, sexual orientation, and reproductive systems.

6. People with Jesus fish and other religious paraphenalia on their car bumpers are the most arrogant drivers on the road. It’s like God told them it was okay to cut other people off without using a turn signal.

7. The best way to get rid of a telemarketer is to ask them what they are wearing.

8. I have had residency in Ohio, Michigan (twice), Rhode Island, Florida (twice), Indiana, Colorado, California, and New Mexico (twice). They all have very different weather patterns, but the common saying is, “If you don’t like the weather here, wait ten minutes.” No wonder The Weather Channel is so popular.

9. The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. (This blog may yet prove that theory…)

10. Trolls are hereby warned that I will do the same for them that NTodd does – so thanks in advance for the support for the Dean candidacy.

Any questions?