Monday, November 17, 2003

Around the Blogosphere

->Corrente has some very good questions.

->The Invisible Library does a number on the amazing security precautions being taken for Bush’s state visit to England. And this is to visit a “close friend.” I suppose if he went to France he’d have to take the 82nd Airborne.

->MercuryX23 welcomes BBWW to his blogroll (and note the favor is returned) and then tells of seeing The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers in the new DVD and on a HiDef TV. I’m very envious.

->Pandagon gets a co-blogger, Ezra Klein. Sounds like a good match-up for Jesse.

->Tapped, always a good read (but no place for comments), points to an article by Michael Tomasky on the “conventional wisdom” saying that Dean is unelectable – but the CW has been wrong about Dean from the git-go.