Thursday, November 13, 2003

Block Party

NTodd at Dohiyi Mir has a great riff on the GOP talkathon in the Senate where they are basically “shocked and outraged” that the Democrats would have the nerve to hold up four of Bush’s judicial nominees. When confronted with the fact that the Republicans held up ten times as many of Clinton’s nominees, their response is either “But this is different!” (subtext: We can do it, you can’t) or “We did NOT!” (subtext: I am off my Aricept, that new treatment for short-term memory loss). And on CNN, Bush calls for the Democrats to stop the “ugly politics.” Talkin’ to the hand, Dubya..

Meanwhile, the Democrats are using this occasion to beat up on the Republicans. Senator Tom Harkin said he was going to be home Wednesday night watching The Bachelor. Hey, if you have to sit around and watch people make a public spectacle of themselves, you might as well do it with chips and salsa on the side.