Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Dean & Richardson?

From the Santa Fe New Mexican

In an article dealing mainly with the state’s first Democratic presidential caucus, scheduled for Feb. 3, Roll Call — a newspaper that primarily covers Congress — noted that even though the New Mexico governor has said he wouldn’t accept a nomination to be the Democrats’ vice-presidential candidate, “some remain skeptical that Richardson would turn down the post if it was offered.”

The Roll Call article says: “For the moment, Richardson is clearly enjoying the limelight cast on his state and is seeking to take full advantage for both himself and the Land of Enchantment.”

Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos on Monday said such national attention is flattering to Richardson. But Gallegos reiterated the governor’s past statements that he intends to seek re-election as governor in 2006.

At first blush, it seems like a bad idea: representatives of two of the smallest states – in terms of population, that is – on the top of the national ticket. Together, the populations of New Mexico and Vermont add up to about one half of the Miami-Dade County. But Richardson brings some real pluses: his Hispanic ancestry and strong foreign policy experience, thanks to his years as Clinton’s UN ambassador. It could also liven up the White House dining room: chile rellenos followed by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.