Monday, November 17, 2003

Draco Malfoy – Live

Tucker Carlson, the bow-tied dandy on CNN’s Crossfire, is a member of the Class of 1987 of St. George’s School, Newport, Rhode Island. As you may recall, it’s also the alma mater of Howard Dean, Class of 1966, and yours truly, Class of 1971, except I only lasted one year there.

I’d forgotten about that until I happened to catch him on Crossfire this afternoon and I had a Day-Quil-induced flashback to the smirky smug little bullies that popluated prep schools (probably still do, but I have no interest in researching that); the kind of kid you knew would spend his summers in Bar Harbor, his winters in Palm Beach, and a discreet month or so in rehab after he started using the chauffer’s cat for target practice. It has nothing to do with growing up rich. Most of the guys I knew at the school were good-hearted and grew up to be contributors to their community. But there’s always those few – the Draco Malfoys – who you know are going to be the smart-ass bullies who dish it out and can’t take it, and he’s one of them.

I wish James Carville would give him a wedgie.