Friday, November 14, 2003

Get the Pork Chop

Rodney Dangerfield said when he was a kid he was so unpopular that his mom had to tie a pork chop around his neck in order to get the dog to play with him. Maybe the Bush Administration is finding out how that feels. Japan has announced that it has decided not to send troops to Iraq “at this time.” Never really wild about the whole deal in the first place, after a suicide bomber took out over 20 Italians earlier this week, they’re having second thoughts, as is South Korea, Jordan and Turkey. And who can blame them? We’ve treated our allies like shit with our unilateralism and arrogance, as if we are the only country on the planet fighting terrorism. Meanwhile, those countries – all of whom were dealing with terrorism both internally and externally while Bush was still losing money in the oil business – are saying, basically, “Hey, you got yourself into this – let’s see you come up with a way to get yourself out. Meanwhile, we’ll…uh…we’ll get back to you.”