Sunday, November 23, 2003

No More Spam?

From the NY Times (and on an ironic note, I had to delete a pop-up ad to see the article):

The House overwhelmingly passed legislation early on Saturday intended to reduce the glut of junk e-mail messages, and the Senate is expected to quickly follow suit this week.

The antispam measure was passed by the House on a 392-to-5 vote. The bill would make mass e-mailers liable for civil fines of up to $250 per electronic message if they tried to hide their identities. It also allows the Federal Trade Commission to begin to fashion a plan to create a “do not e-mail” registry similar to the list intended to let consumers block telephone solicitations.

Just in time, too. I have been getting inundated with messages, apparently from the French hotel industry, about a great deal on some place called the “Paris Hilton.”