Thursday, November 27, 2003

One Step Closer to Peace of Mind

From the Boston Globe:

HONOLULU — Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, expressing gratitude for the conclusion of a sorrowful personal saga, observed the return yesterday of remains believed to be those of his younger brother, who vanished 29 years ago in Southeast Asia.

Dean’s brother Charles perished after being captured by Pathet Lao forces while traveling in Laos in 1974.

In a brief statement to reporters at Hickam Air Force Base, a somber Dean called his brother “a person of deep principle who lived his life the way he believed it ought to be lived.” He profusely thanked members of the Pentagon’s investigative teams that found and recovered the remains.

“He was an extraordinary person who we’re going to miss every day, but we are deeply comforted that this operation has allowed us to repatriate what we believe are his remains and ultimately take them back home,” said the former Vermont governor, who took a break from his vigorous campaign schedule to fly to Hawaii for the ceremony.

Note to the Republicans: principle means “an ethical code or standard.”