Saturday, November 29, 2003

Saturday Musings

In no particular order:

1. The turkey is still in leftover mode and I’m already sick of Christmas commercials. The most obnoxious one is the Lexus ad where a variety of rich people find keys to their new cars attached to ribbons, loaded in model trains, etc. I’m assuming this ad is sponsored by the RNC as a suggestion on how to spend the tax cut.

2. On the other hand, the Hallmark commercial where the mom is reading a bedtime story to her strapping teenage son, who says, “I love you, Mom – read it again,” is touching. Probably because it’s not trying to sell me something I can’t afford and wouldn’t buy if I could.

3. There is nothing worth watching on Saturday afternoon television.

4. You are your own worst proofreader. I’ve spent two hours plowing through a manuscript and I’m still finding typos.

5. At the grocery store, the other line moves faster.

6. A watched blog never gets comments.

7. Two things I’ve never understood: The lyrics to songs by Yes, and why Adam Sandler is considered to have talent.

8. Shakespeare got it right: the comic relief characters in a drama make the show worth watching. For example, the Fool in King Lear, Donna on The West Wing, and Harper on Andromeda.

9. Never eat at a restaurant that advertises on TV.

Okay, back to the novel.