Sunday, November 9, 2003

Shut Up Yourself!

Laura Ingraham, second lead in the Blonde Nazi Bimbo parade and alleged author of Shut Up and Sing, a screed against Hollywood participating in politics, was on Reliable Sources this morning with Howie Kurtz discussing, among other things, the cancellation of The Reagans by CBS. Her “debate partner” was Michael Wolf. Howie would ask Michael a question, and without fail, Laura would interrupt and change the subject back to her. When Howie would ask her a question, she’d get the full time to answer, and Michael would let her spew without interrupting her.

There is nothing so rude as someone who interrupts like that, and I hate it. (I damn near threw the NY Times Crossword puzzle at the TV, but restrained myself – I haven’t finished it yet.) But it is typical of right-wing hacks – if you can’t make a good argument, interrupt the person who is.