Friday, November 14, 2003

Unclothed Insults

This is too good to pass up.

From the NY Times:

It may come as no surprise that people who can hardly stand each other during regular business hours would treat each other all the more harshly in an all-night working session. But tempers were especially raw during the Senate’s debate on judicial nominations, which ran wearily on into a third day Friday morning toward an end scheduled for 39 hours after it began.

The extraordinary session, called by Republicans to complain about Democrats’ tactics in blocking some of President Bush’s judicial nominees, was more than anything a vivid demonstration of the decline in relations between the two parties.

At one point on Thursday, Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat of Iowa, said he was witnessing lots of sanctimony and hypocrisy, and mentioned a pair of Republicans, Senators Robert F. Bennett of Utah and Jon Kyl of Arizona.

Senator Don Nickles, Republican of Oklahoma, then took the floor to say that if Mr. Harkin did that again, he would have him cited for violating Senate rules that prohibit unclothed insult.

“It’s not right,” Mr. Nickles said, “to be coming down and mentioning senators by name and using words like `sanctimonious hypocrisy.’ “

Cry me a river, Donnyboy, you pompous, arrogant, homophobic and sanctimoniously hypocritical piece of hammered dog shit.

Additions to the Unclothed Insult List are welcome.