Sunday, December 7, 2003

After A Brief Interruption…

Blogger is back, and now we can catch up.

It looks like The Liberal Coalition is over the top with at least 20 members that we will now be considered a full-tilt alliance at The Truth Laid Bear. And we’re working on a logo. Wow, the next thing you know we’ll have a secret handshake and merchandising deals.

Thanks to all the gang for supporting BBWW in the TTLB New Weblog Showcase by posting the link for More on Moore, Who Is No More.

Check out the NY Times Magazine article by Samantha M. Shapiro on The Dean Connection. At first glance, it reads like a mildly snarky view of the diverse group of people who have dedicated themselves to Dean’s campaign, but it also offers a very detailed analysis of how the Internet and blogging is bringing these people together, forming a virtual community of close friends, and working for a common goal – and a richer life. Wow, sound familiar?