Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Afternoon Reading

First, old business: Let’s lend moral support to Lilith at A Rational Animal as she packs and moves across the country from the Land of the Encumbered (DC) to the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico). I wish her calm seas and a prosperous voyage.

Pen-Elayne explores the fascinating world of comic books with a biblical twist (no, not those creepy Left Behind ones).

Over at corrente, Tresy weighs in on everyone chiming in on the capture of Saddam, Lambert lambasts the Dems(!) forming a “Stop Dean” coalition, and the farmer does takes care of some technical issues that have plagued the site.

It’s Craptastic! won the New Weblog Showcase for last week. Stop by and congratulate him and then take the SelectSmart poll like I did.

Speedkill has some CD recommendations for the Top 10 of the year. Safe to say I haven’t heard of any of ’em except Radiohead. Yeah, I guess I’m a geezer.

Peter at Kick the Leftist wonders if a certain Republican congressman knew too much before last Sunday.

And Then…discovers we’re all under scrutiny from the wingnuts for not being all twitterpated about Bush’s Glorious Victory over Evil.

And SoonerThought tells us about yet another Halliburton contract. And he also puts in a good word for a certain blog. Thanks!

Happy reading!