Saturday, December 20, 2003

Cool Day Blogaround

It’s still cool here, so what better to do than sit around a cozy PC (or Mac) and catch up on some good reading?

Pen-Elayne, a woman after my own heart – if not waistline – posts a recipe for latkes. Can a goyisher Quaker enjoy potato pancakes? Of course!

NTodd takes us where no one has gone before via the long-range scanners of the Spitzer space telescope. A-mazing.

Lambert over at corrente has a couple of interesting posts (well, more than a couple, but these two caught my attention). The first is his take on how Bush has turned FDR’s rallying cry, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” into his version of car parts: “Fear This.” His second post of note is on a certain presidential candidate’s “balls-out” approach to politics (plus a helpful explainer to the straight crowd in the “Comments” section by yours truly).

Scott at The Gamer’s Nook writes about John Glenn, genuine American hero, my former senator and brief presidential candidate in 1988, and his reaction to the capture of Saddam Hussein: “But as far as, do I feel safer because he’s been captured? Well, I’m glad he was captured. But do I feel safer? No, I guess I don’t feel that much safer.” Wow, and they reamed Dean a new one for the same thought…

…which leads to Scout’s point at And Then… about OBL’s latest threats.

Peter at Kick the Leftist uses the capture of the Al-Qaeda hash-dhow to point out that keeping drugs illegal actually helps terrorism.

SoonerThought’s are on gated communities and their implications.

Keith takes The Invisible Library on the road and does some powerful thinking as he heads across the country for Christmas.

Welcome Collective Sigh to The Liberal Coalition. I linked the entire site so you can see what’s there – all good stuff.

Just a little taste of my friends’ offerings. Check all the sites, including Blogs of Note – the one’s who aren’t on hiatus.