Saturday, December 20, 2003

Cool Morning

As much as I enjoy living in a warm climate, the occasional cold front that brings overnight lows in the 40’s doesn’t bother me at all. All those years in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and Colorado (including ten summers up in the Rockies) have innured me to the cold. I’m just not a fan of the long-term grey skies and semi-darkness of winter up north. This morning it’s 40 here in Miami (at Tamiami Airport, to be exact) with a wind chill of 35 – how often do you hear “Miami” and “wind chill” in the same sentence? But my apartment is comfortable and there’s no need to turn on the heat; I’m not sure I know how to do that, anyway. I’ll dig out a sweatshirt for the morning errands – groceries, post office, and a present-hunt for a friend at the used-book store.

As the sky lightens, it’s a cloudless dawn and the sun will warm us up to the 60’s today. It will be cold again tonight, but the front will pass and it will be back to the normal mid-70’s and low 80’s by Christmas Eve.