Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Falcons Fire Dan Reeves

It may surprise some of you, but I do watch football, and when I lived in Colorado, I was a Broncos fan – still am, when they’re not playing the Lions or the Dolphins. During the years I was in Colorado, Dan Reeves was the head coach of the Broncos and took them to the Super Bowl three times, only to lose all three times. It wasn’t until after Reeves was fired in 1992 and replaced by Mike Shanahan that the Broncos won a Super Bowl; one of them against Reeves and the Atlanta Falcons. Ah, irony. Anyway, Reeves did a lot to make the Broncos a good team – every home game at Mile-Hi was always sold out – and it made for some exciting times.

Well, now he’s been let go again. The Falcons have been limping along for a few years, and in sports, like theatre, you don’t fire the cast; you get a new director.