Friday, December 5, 2003

File Under “That Which Goes Around…”

Limbaugh Attorney Blames Politics in Probe

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Rush Limbaugh’s attorney accused the local prosecutor Friday of having political motives in investigating his client for allegedly purchasing painkillers illegally.

Roy Black said Limbaugh was not a target of State Attorney Barry Krischer’s investigation into the illegal sale of painkillers until the National Enquirer in October quoted Limbaugh’s maid as saying she had unlawfully sold the conservative radio commentator such medications.

“Suddenly an elected public official could not ignore the name Rush Limbaugh,” Black said on NBC’s “Today” show. Black is also a paid NBC commentator. “They are looking to publicly embarrass him and effect his radio program….Why is Rush Limbaugh only person treated like this in America?”

Because, Mr. Black, when your client said that drug users should be “sent up the river,” he had better be ready to take it when he’s busted for the same thing.