Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Happy Birthday, Bill

William Safire turns 74 today and to celebrate he spanks Bush and Cheney for their secrecy over the energy panel meetings and the lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch. The administration has lost at every step and now it’s going to the Supreme Court next year – just in time for a ruling before the Democratic convention.

Are Republicans out of their collective mind? Why the hots to hide? A decade ago, Hillary Clinton tried to pull the same kind of wool over the people’s eyes about her health care task force, but the D.C. appeals court ruled that her consultants were “de facto members” of the official group and stripped away the secrecy.

Remember how we raised the roof about all those phony executive privilege claims as Clinton lawyers tried to jam a cone of silence on top of Secret Service agents? Remember how we fought for the right of Paula Jones to subject the high and mighty to discovery? What is sauce for the Clintons is sauce for the Bushies.

Every now and then Bill has a moment of lucidity. Many happy returns.