Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Holiday Plans

Since everybody else in our cozy little circle of The Liberal Coalition is announcing their holiday blogging plans, it’s time for you Bobby-fans to mark your calendar.

  • Tomorrow, Christmas Eve: off to visit my brother and his wife who are spending the holidays in Delray Beach. I plan to cruise up I-95 with the top down and carols on the CD player just to get into the spirit of it. Maybe a post or two in the morning; depends on what’s in the papers.
  • Christmas Day: Christmas dinner with friends in the afternoon, so I’ll be on duty here until then to see what I can foment.
  • December 26 – January 3: to Ohio for eight days with my parents. I’ll be having some good food, seeing ROTK with my parents, visiting old friends, and rendering a salute to Commordore Oliver Hazard Perry on behalf of NTodd who had the good fortune to grow up in the same town I did. Expect postings on visits to a cold climate.
  • January 4: back in Florida. Back to “normal,” and to see what kind of damage my house-sitter did to the place (just kidding, Chris).
  • By the way, I’m still looking for a free upgrade on my flights on American Airlines.

    PS: Thanks to my buddies at TLC for hints on the HTML tags. As you can see, I figured a couple of them out.