Sunday, December 28, 2003

Home Improvement

I’ve made a couple of additions and changes here at Bark Bark Woof Woof. I have added links to some sites that I have been reading a long time and have become regulars, but I didn’t link them here for some reason I can’t remember now. Anyway, check them out under Websites, Magazines & Great Reading. They include some of the best writing on and off-line, including The New Yorker, which I have been reading since I could first read. Well, actually, I looked at the cartoons, mostly; it wasn’t until I was in high school that I started to read the articles and the movie and theatre reviews and stories. It is far and away some of the best writing in this or any language…and a Booth cartoon with dogs and cats will crack me up no matter what. Also added are Media Whores Online,, Slate, and Tom, plus three of the best humor sites on-line: BartCop, The Daily Howler, and The Onion.

In the Blogs roll, I’ve linked Eschaton/Atrios… or is it Atrios/Eschaton? Either way, he’s a great blogger, inspirational to many, and it’s where I first met a lot of my TLC co-conspirators, including NTodd, queen crab, Tena, and the gang from Corrente, just to name a few. Also included is Pandagon, hosted by Jesse and Ezra, and Roger Ailes, who is quick to point out he is not the Evil Roger Ailes of Fox News (aka Der Volkischer Beobachter).

I’ve also added a self-serving link so you can easily add Bark Bark Woof Woof to your own site or to your Favorites list. I trust that my musings and thoughts will continue to be worthy of your attention, and I would welcome additional suggestions for new links and sites. As always, feel free to drop me a note. Bribery works, too – dark chocolate or American Airlines frequent-flier miles really get my attention.