Wednesday, December 31, 2003

How To Win While Getting Hosed In The South?

The New Republic &c has an interesting take on how the Democrats can win the election while losing the South. Taking their cue from an analysis in the Los Angeles Times that says the Democrats are done for in border states such as Kentucky (which just elected a Republican governor for the first time since the 1960’s) and Tennessee, which Al Gore couldn’t win in 2000, TNR takes a look at states where the Democrats may pick up former Republican states in the Southwest (New Mexico and Arizona) and the Northeast (Maine and Connecticut), and may even get Florida back. Meanwhile, states that have been considered borderline red are being drawn back to blue by issues such as the faltering economy and the threats to the environment and civil rights posed by the Republicans.

I’ve heard whistling past the graveyard in past elections – somewhere I have stashed a copy of an article from a newsweekly in 1984 laying out in great detail how Mondale will sweep away Reagan. But if the Democrats play their cards right (a very big IF), capitalize on the deficit, the arrogance of the Right, an the erosion of civil rights in the name of a nebulous war on terror, they could turn it around and win without the South.

But hope is not a plan.