Thursday, December 11, 2003

No Tears for Joe

Michael Tomasky of The American Prospect tells us why Joe Liebermann shouldn’t whine about not getting the endorsement of Al Gore:

This is not high tea. This is politics. It’s a tough game, and, as they say in sports, you have to make your own breaks and earn it on the field. So the question: What has Lieberman done to earn Gore’s endorsement?


Gore already did Lieberman his favor. By announcing his withdrawal from the race as early as he did, he said to Lieberman, “It’s all yours, Joe.” If he’d wanted to gum Lieberman up, Gore could have waited until March 2003, or even June 2003, to decide, by which time all the money people and consultants would have been hitched to other posts. But Gore rather graciously gave Lieberman plenty of time to build on his instant lead in the polls and make the best of it. Instead he’s made very little of it. Cry me a river.

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Senator Liebermann has always reminded me of one of those clueless dads on a sit-com (ALF comes to mind) who just don’t get it. The kids listen to his stern lectures with a dismissive “right, Dad,” the dog won’t come when he calls him, and it’s the ever-patient but exasperated wife who ends up saving the day. This is not a guy you want running the country.