Tuesday, December 2, 2003

O Canada

I grew up close enough to Canada that I was ten before I figured out it was another country. I listened to Top 40 AM radio on CKLW out of Windsor and watched cartoons and hockey on the CBC. I always liked the Canadians; they seemed much more laid-back and less worried about what other people thought about them, and they looked at Americans with wariness, even while adopting much of our music, movies, and TV shows. Sometimes I think they see us as the big dumb bumbling relative that you have to tolerate over the holidays.

Canadians have always had a practical view of life – common sense for the common good. They adopted single-payer health coverage in the 1960’s and even made the switch to the metric system with very little fuss. Now they’re teaching us a thing or two about social issues such as gay marriage and decriminalization of marijuana. And while Americans scream and shout about such things, they shake their heads in amazed amusement.

At least it’s nice to know we provide the entertainment for an entire country…