Saturday, December 13, 2003

Saturday Surfing

Tired of shopping – even on-line? Well, Mustang Bobby has a few recommendations for your reading pleasure:

NTodd hums a chorus of “See You in C-U-B-A.”

Scott at The Gamer’s Nook spreads some Christmas cheer.

Pen-Elayne warns us of yet another reason to avert your eyes in New York City.

Guy at Rook’s Rant supports the Stranger’s Law. Me too.

Jesse at The Gotham City 13 is an amazing illustrator and a very welcome addition to TLC.

Charles2 at The Fulcrum looks at Halliburton screwing the Pentagon – and the rest of us – with our pants on.

The Tao of Dowingba shows us that not all Canadians are mythically polite. And a good thing, too.

Alex at Sooner Thought makes the case to can Paul Wolfowitz. Hell, let’s get rid of the whole damn lot.

edwardpig reports that Nevada is telling Diebold to get lost.

Keith at The Invisible Library has the lowdown on a suggestion for a … uh, well, stocking stuffer.

And Chris (like your template, guy) voices support for the protest against the repeal of the controversial driver’s license law in California. PS: Hope you’re feeling better.

That should keep you busy for a while. And don’t forget to vote in the TTLB Showcase. My choices are listed on the sidebar, but do yourself a favor and read them.