Saturday, December 27, 2003

This Is More Like It

We’re going to be hearing a lot from the Republicans how Dr. Howard Dean is a “Park Avenue blueblood,” a “preppie snob,” and a “tax-and-spend liberal” who knows nothing of life in “real America.” But this backgrounder by Rick Lyman in the NY Times shows us a true portrait of his background and education. Interesting reading, especially when it’s pointed out that Dr. Dean’s life history – on the surface – is not so different from the current president.

George Walker Bush and Howard Brush Dean III are from opposite sides of the nation’s political fault line. Yet it may be their similarities and the inroads Dr. Dean might make among swing voters that worry some Republicans, especially when Dr. Dean’s current image as a Vermont liberal is leavened with details of the fiscally conservative way he governed Vermont for 11 years.

The difference is that in spite of his family’s wealth, Dr. Dean has actually worked for a living.

[On a personal note, it’s nice to see quotes in the article from the Rev. Hayes Rockwell, who was the chaplain at St. George’s when I was there and a good friend. It was Rev. Rockwell who suggested I read up on the Quakers.]