Monday, December 22, 2003

Who Had Him First?

Corrente and the Blog of 4 have been posting some intriguing stories from papers abroad (South Africa and the UK) that the Kurds actually caught Saddam Hussein, drugged him, and then left him in the hidey-hole for us to find him. As yet, no US media have picked up on this story (what a surprise), but it would be a hell of an embarrassment to the Bush Administration if that was the case. It would make the carrier landing look like a spontaneous demonstration.

My gut reaction is that if the Kurds had actually caught Saddam Hussein and dealt with him in the same manner he treated them, the only way we would have found him would have been as a collection of body parts in Hefty bags in the bottom of that hole. But perhaps they knew that he was more valuable alive than dead and the Americans would be able to make more of his capture than they could; and perhaps the Kurds have a stronger sense of justice than the Iraqis. How ironically fortunate for Saddam Hussein.